next Gig:-)

The John DiFool Orchestra will play again at the Kulturclub Tösstal Rebell Dia.

We are happy to play with the famous "shrinx".

For all those friends all over the world, we provide a Live Stream on youtube.
The stream wiil be on this webpage and this time for free.

Donations are welcome

Input Audio takes care of the good sound. Thank you Florentin!

If you want to be sure for catching a safe seat please order your Ticket here

- what if I'am dreaming - OUT NOW !
We proudly present the first song, we recordet and produced as a an orchestra. So everithing is played by hand and feet and sung with a hell of a enthusiasm.

Coincidentally we could add a wonderful additional voice on the track...


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Voc: Bettina Stähli

Key & Voc: Meinrad Leemann

Drums & Voc: Hans Jürg Suter

Guit: Balz Strebi

Voc & Bass: John DiFool

Render and technical support by Michael Nobel

- never dies...- John DiFool & SilverBlackRock

Now it is time to show you the newest song, the newest videoclip.
It is the first collaboration with SilverBlackRock We are shure there is more to come... but now enjoy the clip...put up the volume.

Thank you for waching and supporting us


dedicated to all souls, and all mates and soulmates... specialy dedicated to the ones I meet already :-)

Musicians: Backing Vocals: J.B. Leemann Bass: Miguel Vasconceros Rest: John DiFool Production, mix and soundengineering: Meinrad Leemann Joas Leemann John DiFool Video: Many thanks to: Dipti & Pedro for your lovely touch

- true words -

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