- true words - John DiFool

It took nearly a half of a lifetime...
True words in many ways


Backing Vocals:      J.B. Leemann
Piano:                    Thomas Feierabend
Rest:                      John DiFool

Production, mix and soundengineering:
Meinrad Leemann
Joas Leemann
Eric Hofmann
John Difool

Many thanks, and appreciation to the great blender comunity.  (MacroManJr) (hk1997) (RikSavage) (marekv)(Kless)(Tappi).....  you inspired me all:-)

the rest of the footage is out ouf our dayly madness we are surrounded. we can not say we did not knew about what is going on here on our planet. please feel free to find you own way to avoid any dammage to peoples, animals, and our mother earth in general.